Monday, November 5, 2007

Why Not Earn Online With Your Own Income Earning Websites Or Blogs?

When it comes to earning online many people first start by joining a marketing program of some form and then work on promoting that program to as many people as they can; they do this by adding their referral links to traffic exchanges or promoting it in forums etc. While this can have some results the biggest problem for the most part is that every man and his dog is often promoting the exact same page in the exact same place so the odds of someone actually joining said program via your referral link get smaller and smaller with each passing day.Sometimes all it takes is adding your own personal touch to see those small numbers rising and nowadays it’s a lot easier than what you might thing to set up your own income earning website or blog.With blog platforms like WordPress and Blogger etc. you could have a blog up and running within a few minutes and free site creating software like NVU you could have a multi-page website online with the click of a few buttons.Your first consideration is whether to set up a blog or website and there are pros and cons for each, though ideally depending on what type of online business you want to run you’d have both. Setting up a blog is probably the quickest and easiest thing you could do as it requires little to no html etc knowledge and depending on where you host it you don’t even have to upload any files etc.If you decide a blog is the way to go your next step is to decide on your platform and where you want to host it: whether you want free or paid hosting; while there are many great free blog hosts out there in the long run spending that few dollars a month for your own hosting is well worth it. For example if you decide on a self-hosted WordPress Blog (depending on your hosting provider) you could have that blog online with the click of a button. Once it’s set up you can then change themes, add a variety of plugins that help when it comes to search engine optimisation, adding a variety of income streams or provide all sorts of other useful tools.After you have it set up and online you can then promote your chosen marketing program by adding your own personal thoughts to it: why you like it, how it works for you, questions and answers etc. More often than not people interested in a program of this description will be looking for personal testimonies and other information so if they can see there is a real person behind the program being promoted they are often more inclined to join.Of course by setting up your own website or blog you’re not restricted to just promoting that one program, you can set up new pages or posts that include a variety of other related income streams. You could set up a blog dedicated to one chosen subject and build on it by adding many different articles each of which promote a different related affiliate program etc. in truth you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to starting your own income earning websites or blogs. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, by working on your own websites and blogs you can spread your wings a little and not rely on just one source of income.